Idea - have 1 class delicious account and have students tag their research with a specific tag to filter for all their results. Good introduction to tagging as well.


Tech 8 Digital Portfolio Project
Guiding Question

How can making an electronic portfolio help me be a more successful learner?

Other Questions

How can I best document and reflect on the learning process in order to develop and grow as a learner?
How can I best communicate my growth as a learner to my audience?


Task 1 -

Go to Grade 8 Digital Portfolios: On Qatar Academy wikispaces and have a look at 5 of the portfolios that they have created.

Cut and paste the following questions into a new google document and answer them as you look though the Qatar Academy Digital portfolios:

  1. What content is on each? What are the headings? What subjects and other areas are included?
  2. What is good about the web design? What is not so good? (Refer to colours, organisation of images and text, types of images etc)
  3. Make comments about the organisation of the portfolio. (Refer to navigation and how items are found)

Wiki Editing Instructions

Our Web 2.0 tools (username: apentech9; password: technine)
  • Netvibes - rss aggregator (email:
  • Delicious Bookmarks (email:; username: aspengrove; password: studyhard9)
  • Blog (Log into intranet as username: grade9; password: studyhard)
  • Podcast

<<this unit from Quatar Academy courtesy of Julie Lindsay>>

Unit 2: Become a Web 2.0 Expert!

For this unit your are to explore all the different aspects of what is called 'Web 2.0'. This refers to the 'Read/Write' web where not only are you consumers of information on the Internet, but also producers of content and information.
Some topics you need to explore include:

Task 1

Let's explore Atomic Learning for online tutorials about Web 2.0 Login with: ID - qataracad PW - doha
Open the Understanding Web 2.0 video and watch it. Make sure you are able to explain the definition of Web 2.0.

Task 2

Open your own, personal delicious account. Make sure you remember the usier ID and passwrord for next time!
Watch these videos:

Bookmark 6 or more relevant and useful websites (you can include videos in this as well) that explain something about Web 2.0. Make sure you tag them with Web2.0 and other keywords.

Task 3

Watch the What is a Blog video.
Set up your own blog using

Task 4

First week back after the winter break:
  • Make sure you can still login to your delicious account
  • Make sure you can login to your account
  • Write a blog post about an experience you has with technology over the winter break
    • Did you buy or were you given any new technology?
    • Have you read about new technology on the Internet?
    • Have you played any new online, PS3 or Nintendo wii games?
    • Make sure you hyperlink to relevant websites of the items you are discussing
    • Add these websites to your delicious and tag them 'technology'

Task 5 - Edmodo Instead

Using Twitter as a tool for communication and creation.
We are going to experiment with the use of micro-blogging with a tool called Twitter.
  • Go to
  • Login using: ID - qait and PW - qataracademy
  • Send a short message saying hello to your Twitter friends
  • Join the Twitter story when it is your turn using hte qait account
  • Sign out and then create your own account on Twitter
  • Find friends to follow and add them

Task 6

Start an iGoogle account using your Google account information
  • Open their iGoogle account and make sure they have created 2 tabs – one for school and one for home. On the school tab their blog should be added as well as at least one other blog of a peer. Also, they need to add their delicious RSS feed.
  • Open their blog and create a new post. Title of post: ‘How I can use iGoogle to support my learning at QA’. They are to write 5 ways in which having iGoogle can help them with their studies, homework, research, communication etc while a student at QA.

Task 7**
Blogging Workshop
Watch videos categories G, H, I J and K and learn more about how to set up and use your blog with