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Timeline: May 13 (some could start); May 27th (2 classes); June 3 (2 classes)

Possible investigate videos:

"The Brand of Me"

'The Brand of Me' is designed to raise awareness and provide opportunity and practical skills for students to develop their own online personal brand. By doing this as a collaboration across classrooms, schools and countries, students will be able to interact and learn different perspectives and share ideas.

Guiding question: How can I best portray who I am and what I can do online?
Area of Interaction: Human Ingenuity

Essential artifacts include:
  • one or more digital image to represent the 'brand'
  • a simple 'website' to share the 'brand'
  • a short video as a personal statement to reinforce the 'brand'
  • a short presentation in a virtual classroom to share and reflect on the 'brand'

Essential activities include:
  • Creating an online community in Spotx - Group called 'Brand of Me 2011'
  • Using the online community to discuss and share ideas and peer review
  • Creating a personal space within the online community to upload media and share draft work
  • Creating a personal space outside of Spotx - eg wordpress, weebly, wiki, other? to create the final 'Brand of Me' web presence
  • Designing and creating an image
  • Designing and creating a video
  • Preparing a short online presentation

Project 2011 Workflow
  • Tuesday May 10 - 'The Brand of Me' Project kickoff
    • Explore the concept and practice of personal branding and show examples
    • Identify the 'problem' to be solved
    • Work through Investigate tasks
      • Brainstorming and sharing ideas
      • Create image(s)

  • May 16-23
    • Work through Design tasks
      • Design your website
      • Design your 2 min. video

  • May 24-31
    • Work through Create tasks
      • Your website
      • 2 min. video and upload to website
***'The Brand of Me' Summit presentation

  • June
    • Presentations in Elluminate sharing your final work
    • Complete 1 x paragraph about you and add to website
    • Finalise all work, including peer evaluations


The Problem
There are many opportunities to upload information about you and what you do online, however what is the most effective way to create your own 'personal brand'? If you are aiming to be accepted into tertiary education and/or for employment, what is the best way to really show who you are and why YOU should be accepted? How do you use online areas and spaces and show a professional approach? In our competitive world developing a 'personal brand' or unique online identity may help you get where you want to go. The challenge is to do this while maintaining a digital identity that does not deflect from who you really are and what you do.

Design Brief
Create your own 'personal brand' and share this via an online website. This will include at least one carefully chosen image and a short video about you.

Getting started
  • What roles do you play in life? Who are you?
  • Brainstorm and make a list. Circle those that are most important in your life.
  • Review the roles you have identified and select the top three
  • What makes you tick? What are you interested in? What are you proud of?
  • What can you do with your life? What do you want to do with your life?
  • What is it about you that is different to everyone else?
  • What are your values?
  • What is your mission?
  • What is your passion?
  • What is your purpose?
Write it down
  • Write a list of words that capture your WHAT
  • Write your WHAT in sentences
  • Write your WHAT as a paragraph...or as a poem, free verse, song, haiku etc
Frame it
  • Sharing the WHAT is important, it is as much a part of the brand as the message itself.
    • personal story?
    • poem?
    • song?
    • short film?

Finding an Image that represents YOU


  • Design your website and online space to effectively tell the world about YOU. Consider using, or stay with your wikispaces portfolio and use create a new area, or experiment with a new tool. The choice is yours.
  • BLOG about your design ideas and share draft plans
  • Discuss what is good and not so good about your ideas
  • Ask a peer to review your work and write comments on your blog
  • Design your 2 min video - this must feature YOU (but does not have to have your face in it. Be creative!


  • Create your website
  • Upload your final image and add a paragraph of text along with your THREE chosen words
  • Upload or embed your finished video
  • Finish your summit JPG
  • Create your summit presentation - you will present for 2 min. in Elluminate and talk about YOU. You will need your chosen image along with the three words added on top as a collage. You may also like to add the URL to your website or the image. Have this ready as a JPG to upload to Elluminate.

2010 Archives

Student Presentations in Elluminate recordings
Students presented their personal branding ideas, including images, key words and a review of their work. Thank you to the international audience who joined us at the June session. This really helped my students raise their profile and gave them an authentic audience to interact with.