Is it is possible to design a video games for educational purposes?

The Problem

Kids these days’ are more interested in video games than school.Guiding Question: Is it is possible to design a video games for educational purposes?
Area of Interaction: Community and Service
1. You will research different kinds of video games and reflect on what kind of video games might make the best educational games.
2. You will practice making simple video games using the SCRATCH programming environment. As we are in a school environment we will focus on NON VIOLENT games.
3. You will modify an existing SCRATCH game (or make your own) so that it has educational benefit.
Design Brief Task 1: What kinds of games might work?
Your first task is to play some video games and reflect on how they might be turned into an educational game. Please only play 1 or 2 games of the same type and then try some different ones.
Make a new Google Document called Video Game Project Journal and share it with philm. You will use this document to record your reflections during this project. Every time you play a different game put a link to the game in your page and write 2 or 3 sentences reflecting on whether that game could be ALTERED to make it educational, and HOW it could be altered. KEEP IN MIND WE ARE TRYING TO BRAINSTORM ALTERATIONS THAT WOULD STILL KEEP THE GAME INTERESTING.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENT: 3 brainstorms on 3 different kinds of game.
Game Sites
Mini Clip
Fun Brain
CBC Kids Games
Scratch Top Loved Games

Getting Started with Scratch

In class we will work through this tutorial. If you forget how to do something refer back to this document.
external image pdf.png scratchgettingstarted.pdf
Task 1:
Create your first SCRATCH animation. It should meet the following criteria:
  • Minimum 2 sprites
  • Sprites should start in same part of screen every time
  • One Sprite should dance to music and change colour when the Green Flag is clicked.
  • The other Sprite(s) should change costume and say something when a key is pressed.
When you are finished save your project in Student/Mr Macoun/2010-2011/Tech 8/SCRATCH/Task 1 - Dancing Sprite. Make sure to include your NAME as part of the file name.