• There is too much prescriptive stuff needed for them to be successful with robotics in gr 10 - I might need to scale back these skills to earlier grades. I can maybe do this after trying in gr 10 first.
  • I am going to need a proper classroom for AT LEAST gr 10 if I am going to do more of these hands on activities.

Robotics Course

Resources needed

  • How much time to I want to devote to programming? There are some basic programming concepts that they will need to understand. Is Scratch or Alice the best platform? I can teach these skills in gr 9, but what about new students in gr 10? Maybe Scratch boards are a good place to start (Scratch is easier to use than Alice).

2 major units

Term 1 - First Unit: Design Unit based on a Theme
  • Theme ideas - which ones are most relevant to gr 10?
  • Maybe they could create robotics devices that bring an elementary school story to life?
    • chain-reaction story workshops - cause and effect?
    • One of core educational reasons for introducing robotics is to provide learners with opportunity to explore ideas of sensing and feedback. Doesn't fit naturally into linear story framework. Need to think of stories more interactively.
    • Exhibition - participants need to be involved in design of exhibition.

Term 2 - Second Unit: Robot Engineering

Term 3 -

Could include
-alice?? - I think I like scratch more
-lego digital designer??

-inuktun - I need to email craig with a detailed year plan and ask to his ideas
-josh's company - rovs - maybe start with a visit??
-bread boards??
-circuit boards??

New pathways into robotics - Michael Resnick
Lesson for teaching JAVA using robots
Lego Engineering
Lego Digital Designer
Tech Brick