10 Steps to Being a Connected Educator
  1. Write down what you are passionate about and find 5 to 10 blogs of teachers that share your passion. Some place to start include:
  2. Create a Diigo account Add the Diigo add-on or extension to your browser of choice. Bookmark any blog posts or resources you find in Diigo. Tagyour bookmarks. Search for a Diigo group in an area of interest and subscribe to the daily digest.
  3. Create a Gmail account. Open Reader and add the RSS feed from the blogs you are reading. Look in the sidebar of these blogs and see if there are any other blogs they recommend. Subscribe to these blogs.
  4. Start a Blog. Use Blogger, Tumblr or Posterous. For you first blog post describe something you have done this year that worked really well and your reflections on it.
  5. Comment on at least 2 of the blogs in your RSS Reader. Make sure to leave your Blog URL on your Comments.
  6. Join at least 2 Educational Social Networks. Make sure your Blog URL is in your Profile. Use a real picture of yourself for your Avatar. Some networks to consider are:
  7. Search the forums in these social networks and contribute to some conversations. Subscribe to these forum discussions.
  8. Start a Twitter account. Use the following sites to help you find interesting people to follow:Twitter4Teachers
  9. Join the Twitter Client Hootesuite. Follow your Twitter stream for a while and retweet any tweets that you find interesting.
  10. Get a Mobile Device.